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Galliot from Psara 2: The Only Depiction

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

The galliot from Psara has been strangely overlooked in contemporary depictions. While there is an abundance of historical documentation on the ship type and its uses both by Greek and foreign sailors, only one actual, contemporary depiction survives.

It is in the form of an engraving, carved by Lykourgos Kogevinas (1887 - 1940), a well known Greek engraver and painter. Kogevinas records at the bottom of the engraving that he carved it in 1937 based on a painting or drawing made by a Lt. E. W. Churchill in 1827, when galliots could still be seen in the Aegean waters. It is quite probable that Lt Churchill could have indeed seen the actual vessel.

The engraving’s historical value is immense, since it seems to preserve the only contemporary, realistic depiction of a galliot from Psara and is based on the work of a possible eye witness with nautical experience, if we judge him by his naval rank. Any other depiction or reconstruction to date seems to be based on this single engraving.

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