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Galliot from Psara 4: Correcting the Plans

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

After studying the few available sources I begin with corrections of the plans published by the Italian company Amati.

The plans are in 1/64 scale, one of the traditional ship modelling scales, often represented as 3/16 (meaning 1 foot corresponds to 3/16 inches). They capture the lines of the hull quite nicely, with the exception of the bulwark heights. In Kogevinas’ woodcut the bulwarks appear to be quite low, judging from the position of the rowers, while the oars rest on slots, cut at the bulwark tops. It is quite clear that the rowers’ shoulders are above the bulwarks. There is also an evident curve to the rail, which is higher towards the bow and the stern.

Amati’s plans show bulwarks that are too high (image 2). If we assume a rower that is 170cm tall, only his head would protrude above the rail. The height of the benches from the deck would be 40-45cm according to the plans, which is quite reasonable.

After measuring and re-measuring my wife sitting on a 45cm chair and comparing the results to the rowers in the woodcut, I concluded that the bulwarks of the real vessels would be about 30 cm above the benches. That meant the height of bulwarks in the plans should be reduced by about 35cm, or 5.3mm at a scale of 1/64. This difference would , of course, have to be spread uniformly through the entire height of the hull so that the hull is not deformed.

The correction of the frames in the plans could have been made electronically, but where is the fun in that? I decided to do it by hand, using tracing paper and a set of proportional divider.

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