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So, I started a website. With a blog.

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Like many other modelers I have bored my share of friends and relatives with long winded accounts of my builds and projects. The thought was always on the back of my mind that, at least with a website I could put everything down and let them decide what they will choose to see or read. It would also, in theory, make a good record that I can look back at, a kind of modelling diary.

All that was several years ago, when websites were still the thing. Then people moved on to social media and websites became cheaper and much easier to build. Still though, every time I started to think about one, I soon gave up and just went back to build another model. To make a long story short, if it was up to me this website would never have existed.

For better or worse it was not entirely up to me. Two people helped immensely and I can’t really thank them enough. About a year ago my other half offered to take up the insurmountable obstacle of designing and organising the website, if I sat down to write some content. The next obstacle was that, till recently, I never photographed or documented my projects. By pure luck I could requisition the help of a good friend and photographer, who soon arrived with her camera and paraphernalia.

The main reason for having this website is not to show off what I have already built (though they work fine as placeholders for now). It is to document my future builds. The blog I plan to use as a diary of the research, problems and techniques that go into each project.

And we come to the present, with me sitting here and typing a blog post that nobody will read (except maybe a few close friends for now). I can only promise that from now on, I will not bore them with long, disorganised descriptions of shipbuilding techniques, I will just send them links.

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