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The Byblos Ship 5: Constructing the Hull

For the construction of the hull I chose European lime wood (Tilia sp.). The wood is pale colored with subtle rings. It is dense and quite uniform.

The hull mould
Image 1

The planks of Khufu’s Solar Ship are quite thick, ranging from 7 to 13cm. In my working scale (1:48) I decided to use planks that are 2mm thick. Since the ship was constructed shell first, without a skeleton, I decided to build the hull around a mould, which can be removed after the hull is formed. The mould method is quite popular for boat building around the world, most characteristically in the american 19th century whaleboats.

The hull mould
Image 2

I built the mould out of 4mm birch ply. It incorporates a central piece and 7 bulkheads (Image 1). The bow and stern posts were built independently (Image 2). The planks of the hull will be attached to these pieces, so that the mould can be removed. The posts were temporarily attached to the mould, which was treated with wax to make sure the planking is not glued to the mould (Image 3). I built the hull around the mould, which was then removed (Images 4 and 5).

The hull mould
Image 3
Hull construction
Image 4
Hull construction
Image 5

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