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Byblos Ship 15: Epilogue

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

A few final words that would probably belong in the first post and not the last. The name “Byblos ship” given to these vessels, could probably be understood to mean seagoing vessel in general, as Byblos would be one of the main destinations of Egyptian ships in the Mediterranean. Byblos was a city on the coast of modern Lebanon. At the time of the pharaoh Sahure (5th Dynasty), in whose grave complex the ships were depicted, it was basically an ally of Egypt for many years.

The trade route between Egypt and Byblos must have been very active at the time, as the area was the main source for cedar timber used in Egyptian shipbuilding. Such an expedition is depicted in Sahure’s grave complex, showing the ships leaving for Byblos and then returning to Egypt. It is possibly the oldest known depiction of seagoing vessels.

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